Deal or No Deal – My experience

The question maybe where has hungry caterpillar been? Its all been a bit quiet on the blogging front but have no fear I am back and been sourcing loads of delicious info on my travels… I’ve been on Deal or no Deal in the dream factory in Bristol and have just grace the screen of Channel 4 for the last month.

Now if you’d have asked me a year ago would I appear on my Dads favourite (not even mine) TV programme with an opportunity to win £250,000 by just opening red boxes … I’d have told you to jog on!

But the strangest things happen to you in this world and due to a Facebook post and too much yellowtail red wine … I found myself applying to the be apart of the dream factory at Deal Or No Deal on Channel 4.

A year went by and with slight memory loss (am not going to lie)  I’d actually forgot I had applied when I received a phone call from Dan from Deal Or No Deal to ask me about my application form. Shocked, slightly excited and wondering if it was a joke … was my initial response.

2014-10-27 17.14.04
Selfie – just getting ready to leave!

But in full Myers style I went with it and got through the telephone interview and was asked if I wanted to pop to Bristol for the auditions and Dan popped my info to me via email along with my bronze ticket … and this is where it all began, TOTAL PANIC especially in when I read you had to get the silver ticket as part of your audition ….. (I have never been good at tests or being competitive… Driven maybe!!!) but I told myself to just go with it and that’s exactly what I did ….

Audition day came … I’d researched the show – watched a few programmes and off I set to Bristol with my good old friend Vicki (chosen carefully from my friend to keep me calm and just have a laugh) … We arrived.

I must admit I was scared that I’d fail and not bring home to my friends that silver ticket and surround this experience with sadness but to my surprise I got one!!! (my friends sad they never doubted it and I love them for that). I can’t tell you all the details of the day as we sign contracts along the way to not let us reveal specific details about the show …. but after a long day and please when you watch the show give these people credit as its a tough audition … I was shaking in my size 5 boots at times ! But at the end of the day when I got back to Vikki I knew i had done my best and secretly was aching to get that gold ticket as it just seemed like too much fun to miss out on!

They had said at my audition it could take up to 2 years to hear back  so not to really think too much about it…

The phone rang from an unknown number and it wasn’t a PPI claim …. But by GOSH 10 days later and I have received my gold ticket… Whooooooo!!!

2014-10-29 11.20.35-2
Me with my practice box – Ready to meet Noel!

I’ve got to admit from a girl who use to suffer from panic attack this ways taking me way out my comfort zone but sod it you have got to go with it …

I arrived in Bristol with a car full of clothes and nervous/excitement feeling… but my nerves soon went when I met everyone. Everyone was beyond friendly and I felt part of the group from the of set and everything you see on the TV is true these people are electric and uber friendly.

2014-10-30 13.47.35
Me and my fellow newbie – Liam

My first game came and boy was I nervous but you just get into the swing of things and hope people do well.

My time there went quickly doing 24 show … you see people come and go and it all happens really quickly. You see games that change people lives in a good way and some in a sad way. It really is a dream factory but a game of luck that can also be truly cruel…

2014-11-03 10.28.06
Looking glam lol! I have never wore some much make up!

Everything is done by random and you dont know when your game is… My day came and luckily my friends had turned up. I don’t think I could have done it with out them.  I was so scared!

I was stood there getting mic’d up stood on an X, meeting Noel and I did think to myself how the bloody hell did I get here and can I run …

My actual game flew by I must admit it didn’t go exactly to plan I hit the £250,000 in my first box and it went down hill from there… after several offers and digging my heals in. The Banker offered  me £13,000 that was the best offer I had had and in my eyes time to get the hell out off there! There was a Deal or No Deal twist where the Banker offer for me to give him my money back and go for what was in my box which was £50,000 (I found out in the end) or a 1p …

I stuck  with my £13,000 and I am very happy with that it will give me time off to spend on this blog and drive my design business forward Creative Caterpillar.

What an experience …. only 2,700 people have ever played the game to date and I have met some fab friends…  and feel like the luckiest girl in the world!

Give it a go…

Anyway best get cracking with this Blog … I have loads of stuff to share!




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