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Dirty Bird … ruffles a few feathers!

I can’t actually work out wether this is a stroke of genius or time for a rebrand.  Dirty Bird  food company are now defending its controversial new logo after customers complained about its phallic design.

The food company has also produced saucy giant posters telling customers to “Touch My Thigh” and “Touch My Breast”.


Dirty bird logo
Dirty bird logo

My only initial concern was children’s thoughts but to honest I think all the cleaver innuendoes will go straight above there heads and Dirty Birds actual food is getting really good comments.   A review tweeted by Michelin star chef Stephen Terry who obviously supports there food called it ‘top notch tucker’.


Dirty Bird told ‘The identity is based on the lowercase initials ‘d’ and ‘b’ of Dirty Bird. The loops forming the wings, then linked together at the top to form the shape of a rooster. To some, it could look phallic, but that wasn’t the intention when we started the design process.’

Visit logo designer Mark James’  website to see his other works of art.

So I say well done Mark James,  good luck Dirty Bird and enjoy the PR circus, they say there is no bad press!

Keep cock-a-doodle-doing!!! (sorry just couldn’t resist it)


Burger Me! Have I found the best veggie burger in the Midlands?

Franks Hamburger House, Northampton is deserving of its of one of my first burger blog posts as it delivers a cracking veggie burger experience (meat and fish options available). 

The home made falafel burger was served in a fresh Ciabatta bun with salad and I added the toppings mushrooms and grilled halloumi – delicious. They’ve got bottomless (yes, bottomless I hear you say)  salted fries as well – but its unlikely you’ll order more as the burger is huge and you’re not left hungry!

Franks Hamburger Houseopened in 2012 and have a sister restaurant Franks Steakhouse House  and I think they’ve nailed it with their restaurant concepts; they are chilled, modern and serve great fresh food with a good atmosphere.10497411_10152719110112317_4554951186019206041_o




I will be heading back very soon …

VISIT:  157-159 Wellingborough Rd, Northampton NN1 4DX

CALL: 01604 948904

EAT: Menu

A Hungry Caterpillars mission

One girl, one massive love of food, one exciting mission… to bring Hungry Caterpillars take on food + design to the online food + design community.

So let’s have some delicious times and make it happen. Here are Hungry Caterpillars 7 delicious missions:

  1. To deliver reviews on food establishments from around the world.

2. To spot food trends and discuss.

3.  Find delicious and new recipes (might even try and cook them from time to time … my love of food its more in the tasting than me in the kitchen but for the sake you my readers this might change)

4. To locate restaurants and food places that creatively stand out from the crowd and push design barriers.

5. Find innovative ways foodies market there brands.

6. To seek out food festivals and exceptional food events.

7. To discuss all things design in the food industry.

It now time to feed this Hungry Caterpillar. Stay updated with our posts on Twitter @foodcaterpillar, Pinterest @hungrycaterpill  or Facebook hungry caterpillar.

Quote of the Day

“Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos” ~  Don Kardong

Hungry Caterpillar

Welcome to Hungry Caterpillar our food and design projects from Chelsea Flower Show, Goodwood and Hampton Court Flower are coming very soon to this space! So keep your eyes peeled.