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Mercado San Miguel in Madrid – Meating point


Mercado San Miguel … Is an open food Market that serves as a eat out place all day long. You can dine there, drink there or just spend some time taking in the beautiful colours and smells of the food.

Meating Point by Razanostra was a place that stood out to me from a design perspective … The name made me smile and the design elements where clean and modern.

Visit restaurant:

Visit market:

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Hungry Caterpillar is totally digging it – Digbeth Dining Club

After starting this blog only a few months ago I started to look out for new food experiences locally and only 30 minutes up the motorway … I was so excited to find the Digbeth Dining Club, Street food held in an industrial unit underneath a railway arch in Birmingham.

The Digbeth Dining Club aim is to bring street food to the Birmingham area. Each Friday, several  stalls showcase the best of local and invited street food vendors. The Friday I went, Canoodle, Esmie’s, Fat Duck Spuds, Platinum Pancakes, Spectacular Goat and The Bean Stall where all serving up their tasty delights.

You walk into the archway to find a music playing, people eating  and chatting, it’s buzzing and the food smells devine. At first I found myself panicking,  what food should I have? I had total  food envy from all directions so I did what I knew best  and hit the bar for a swift half to gather my thoughts!

The food is all about the taste and not too pricey,  my nephew, Jordan (see Hungry Buddies) and I had 2 tasty courses for the total cost of £17. Ace times.

Food loves:
After getting my food envy under control I dived straight into Esmie’s Salt Fish, rice and salad served in a tortilla basket (nice touch).  It was fresh homemade and reminded me of my Dad and my Jamaican roots. It hit the spot! It tasted incredible!

2014-09-05 19.47.59
Esmie’s Caribbean & Seafood
2014-09-05 19.48.11
Esmie’s Caribbean & Seafood menu
2014-09-05 19.53.13
Esmie’s Caribbean & Seafood
2014-09-05 19.59.48
Esmie’s Caribbean & Seafood – Salt fish tortilla
2014-09-05 19.37.03
Fat Duck Spuds

 Jordan Tucked into  Fat Duck Spuds burger which seemed to keep him quiet for a little while and nodded in all the right places.

2014-09-05 20.06.30
Fat Duck Spuds – Burger
2014-09-05 20.06.25
Fat Duck Spuds – Burger
2014-09-05 20.05.57
Fat Duck Spuds – Serving away!

We finished it all off with pancakes from Platinum Pancakes. These where prepared in front of you with the two owners happily giving me suggestion on what fillings to have as I don’t have the sweetest of teeth. So I had banana, cinnamon and custard … Nice and tasty and a fab round up of our Digbeth Dinning Club experience.

2014-09-05 20.14.28
Platinum Pancakes
2014-09-05 20.15.35
Platinum Pancakes – PANCAKE!
2014-09-05 20.13.02
Platinum Pancakes – Menu


Designs loves:
When entering the railway arch I noticed to my left the cute vintage caravan that was serving wood fire pizza which looked amazing. I was amazed with the guys and gals working away in this tiny beautiful space. I loved the bunting the cute little curtains and chalk boards. It created  great visual impact on entering the dinning club. Pizza next time for me!2014-09-05 19.36.39 2014-09-05 19.36.11

The atmosphere brings back all my memories of my creative designer days in my old stomping ground of Camden Town where the variety of food was endless. I know where I’ll be going on a Friday night from now on!

 Whats on: Digbeth Dining Club

Website: Digbeth Dining Club

When: Every Friday night at Spotlight

The Nooks got us slightly hooked…

Where else is one to go on a Saturday afternoon with my oldest and dearest friend than for a delightful visit to the famous, Nook on the Square, Rugby.

The cafe was recently featured on primetime TV show – The Restaurant ManKate James and Alex Woodcock opened The Nook in January of this year, just a few months after filming the BBC Two programme . In the television show Russell Norman sees that the sisters have spotted a huge gap in the market in the quiet little village of Dunchurch.

2014-08-09 13.24.09
The Nock – outside
2014-06-07 12.49.49
Famous salmon square quiche

Katie decided to turn the downstairs of her house into a cafe after seeing a gap in the market.  The Nook serves a simple menu which features  a variety of breakfasts including a hearty vegetarian, for lunch -there are homemade specials, seasonal soup and a cream tea served after 12pm.

After watching the programme I spent weeks dreaming about the famous square quiche (I really do have a thing about quiche am wondering if its my age!), it lived upto everything I had dreamed about it was out of this world and all homemade that morning! I went for the smoked salmon and asparagus quiche and my friend the goats cheese option – I definitely picked the winner!

2014-08-09 14.42.25

The Nook has a strong square logo and is reflected subtly throughout everything even down to the food – the square quiches and the square scones.

2014-08-09 14.43.30
The Nook – inside
2014-08-09 13.30.10
Milk bottle vase

The cafe itself could be the perfect set for a 1940′s movie.  The Nook ticks every vintage box with the mix and match of furniture, chandelers,  white washed walls, tea sets on marble fire places and quirky touches that make you feel at home yet still in a modern vintage tea room.   The atmosphere is lovely it’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon with an old friend, the food is great and the service is friendly.

Now all I need to do is find out how to make those quiches am totally hooked!

Visit: The Square, Dunchurch, Rugby Warwickshire CV22 6NG

Call: 01788 312459



TV programme:

I got fruity about this idea – Inglorious Fruits & Vegetables

Every year, over 300 million tons of misshapen fruits and vegetables are thrown out because supermarkets can’t sell them. But what if they could be sold at a cheaper price?

Now that’s a winning idea

Intermarché launched the Inglorious Fruits & Vegetables, a film, print, poster and radio campaign  raising awareness about food waste by offering customers these reject fruits at a lower price to stop them from being wasted.

They launched the campaign Ugly Fruits and Vegetables and bought the fruit and vegetables from suppliers,  put them on the shelves, and sold them for 30 percent less than the regular price of the more attractive produce. They then let the customer decide if they wanted the low-priced products or not.


article-2693000-1FA30DFD00000578-601_634x929 _ Poster


I think it’s a brilliant way to refocus people onto food quality, rather than its appearance. This is really brilliant. Go Europe!!!





It Rocked my sole!

On my way to Hampton Court the other day I stumbled on this beauty. The ‘Rock N Sole’ fish and chip shop and it really made me giggle… so much so I had to stop the car on a busy road and take some pictures.

2014-07-06 15.39.30
Rock n Sole fascia
2014-07-06 15.39.14
Menu board and window

The name ‘Rock N Sole’ and idea of the  Elvis style fish its a stoke of creative genius. Its a shame the design couldn’t have been pushed harder to make something truely amazing.


2014-07-06 15.39.38
A Frame

The idea did rock my sole  but the design left me wishing for a little more!

I didn’t get chance to eat there as it was closed! Maybe next time ‘Rock N Sole’… Keep Rocking!

Staines Rd W, Ashford, Middlesex TW15 1RP

Take a look at some other Rock and Soles restaurants and see how they have creatively executed the same name:


Delish coffee?

2014-08-23 14.16.28I had 30 minutes to kill after doing some speed shopping and I was in need of a relaxing coffee so I popped into a little independent cafe today in Rugby, Delish.

It’s never really been on my radar but was pleasantly surprised. They served a great range of homemade food such as quiches, fish cakes, hearty salads and a fab cake selection, you can even purchase homemade breads to take away.

2014-08-23 14.02.30

The design of the interiors, layout and atmoshpere was what stood out for me. It was nice and chilled yet with modern twists and a place I could spend an Saturday afternoon reading a book or writing this blog!2014-08-23 14.01.05

But what I got really excited about, sad but true, was the use
of the syrup tins for sugar pots …cute!

2014-08-23 14.03.52
Sugar pots

I will go back and try out their dishes so watch this space. Oh and I nearly forgot, the coffee was Delish.2014-08-23 14.03.47

Contact details:
11a Bank St, Rugby CV21 2QE

01788 578060

There website seems to be down at the mo so keep trying:


Dirty Bird … ruffles a few feathers!

I can’t actually work out wether this is a stroke of genius or time for a rebrand.  Dirty Bird  food company are now defending its controversial new logo after customers complained about its phallic design.

The food company has also produced saucy giant posters telling customers to “Touch My Thigh” and “Touch My Breast”.


Dirty bird logo
Dirty bird logo

My only initial concern was children’s thoughts but to honest I think all the cleaver innuendoes will go straight above there heads and Dirty Birds actual food is getting really good comments.   A review tweeted by Michelin star chef Stephen Terry who obviously supports there food called it ‘top notch tucker’.


Dirty Bird told ‘The identity is based on the lowercase initials ‘d’ and ‘b’ of Dirty Bird. The loops forming the wings, then linked together at the top to form the shape of a rooster. To some, it could look phallic, but that wasn’t the intention when we started the design process.’

Visit logo designer Mark James’  website to see his other works of art.

So I say well done Mark James,  good luck Dirty Bird and enjoy the PR circus, they say there is no bad press!

Keep cock-a-doodle-doing!!! (sorry just couldn’t resist it)


Burger Me! Have I found the best veggie burger in the Midlands?

Franks Hamburger House, Northampton is deserving of its of one of my first burger blog posts as it delivers a cracking veggie burger experience (meat and fish options available). 

The home made falafel burger was served in a fresh Ciabatta bun with salad and I added the toppings mushrooms and grilled halloumi – delicious. They’ve got bottomless (yes, bottomless I hear you say)  salted fries as well – but its unlikely you’ll order more as the burger is huge and you’re not left hungry!

Franks Hamburger Houseopened in 2012 and have a sister restaurant Franks Steakhouse House  and I think they’ve nailed it with their restaurant concepts; they are chilled, modern and serve great fresh food with a good atmosphere.10497411_10152719110112317_4554951186019206041_o




I will be heading back very soon …

VISIT:  157-159 Wellingborough Rd, Northampton NN1 4DX

CALL: 01604 948904

EAT: Menu

A Hungry Caterpillars mission

One girl, one massive love of food, one exciting mission… to bring Hungry Caterpillars take on food + design to the online food + design community.

So let’s have some delicious times and make it happen. Here are Hungry Caterpillars 7 delicious missions:

  1. To deliver reviews on food establishments from around the world.

2. To spot food trends and discuss.

3.  Find delicious and new recipes (might even try and cook them from time to time … my love of food its more in the tasting than me in the kitchen but for the sake you my readers this might change)

4. To locate restaurants and food places that creatively stand out from the crowd and push design barriers.

5. Find innovative ways foodies market there brands.

6. To seek out food festivals and exceptional food events.

7. To discuss all things design in the food industry.

It now time to feed this Hungry Caterpillar. Stay updated with our posts on Twitter @foodcaterpillar, Pinterest @hungrycaterpill  or Facebook hungry caterpillar.